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What’s This Site All About?

What’s This Site All About? Posted on October 21, 2018
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What shall we do with this website?

It’s called, What Is This. Kind of a silly name, and yet it provokes curiosity.

What are we curious about?

I’ve always been curious about life. I’ve always wanted to know why people do what they do. I can say that I figured a lot of that out  – enough to know that I’ll probably never really know the truth. And yet there’s one thing we can do to take us in the right direction and that is: ask questions.

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it makes people more alive. This is a site about curiosity. That’s what it’s going to be. Curiosity, the kind that makes you feel more alive. Using curiosity; it will expand our minds.

Being curious will help us reduce stress. I bet there’s a lot of studies out there that demonstrate the power of curiosity, so one of the things we’ll do on this site is find studies that show it. In fact, all of science itself may be an attempt to satisfy our curiosity. It’s really powerful.

I imagine on the plains of Africa when the first humans looked up at the stars, they were filled with wonder or curiosity about what the hell is going on in this universe. How did they get here? What does it all mean? These are questions for the ages and while we may never know the answers, it’s healthier to pursue them and that’s what curiosity is all about.

Pursuing the truth, even though you may or may never find it.

How can we approach life’s problems with greater curiosity?

Can you imagine if every time you have a problem, instead of getting frustrated, you got curious? That’s a really appealing thought! What if every time you got into an argument with someone, you become curious? What if when you had financial troubles or a bad habit or something about yourself that you don’t like…what if you just became curious about some element of the problem?

Just entering into a state of curiosity shifts your mindset and that mindset shift may be all there is to it. So we’re not gonna focus on the resolution of problems around here. Instead, we’ll just hang out and be curious.

I don’t want to turn into a hippie. I do want to promote curiosity, so that’s what this site is all about. Get curious and the rests just might take care of itself.

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